Customer Experience  Design System(CEDY)™

We are an agency that seeks commercial value for businesses established around the world. Our simple recipe: human-centered design and how it uses any medium – physical or digital – to achieve a goal.

Initial research

We interview your audience and do field research. The product discovery methods help us find out people’s wants and needs. We share what we learned

 workshops, where we can decide together which direction to go. Field research product discovery

Product Strategy

Based on the research we create customer journeys. We build up your user personas, discover and map your product’s full customer journey.

Prototype & Test

Then we create prototypes and test our ideas with real users. This way we can really get more feedback about your upcoming product’s usability.

Our services

We pride ourselves on our collaborative process with Web design. From concept to creation, we want our partners to be excited about the work we do together. The result is great work and no surprise endings. 

Web Development


During the software development process, our front-end developers work with designers to eliminate the gap between the design layout and actual interface.

Web Design


In a nutshell, before starting a design process, we conduct interviews with stakeholders and potential users of the digital product we work on.



We don’t make assumptions about what users and partners need. We ask questions and get the answers.Work on competitors’ bugs saves our time by preventing us from making our own.

Our Clients

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Most of the time we are working on the project. But sometimes we try to keep you updated on recent trends in UX, interface design, startup world, and branding, based on our own experience and live cases.

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