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In a digital world where our attention spans are reduced to seconds, we need to be able to design experiences that adapt to these new behavioral patterns.

¿Por qué escaneamos las páginas web?-Por lo general, tenemos prisa. Gran parte de nuestro uso en la web está motivado por el deseo de ahorrar tiempo. Simplemente no tenemos tiempo
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Today we are going to give you 8 tips to put into practice when creating, designing or improving an E-commerce.

1- Categorize the products: Not everyone who enters your site knows what they want or knows where it is, it is the same case when you go to the supermarket
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Do focus groups and usability testing serve the same purpose?

When people think of collecting information or comments from users, they often associate it with focus groups or usability tests and in most cases they are often confused, although their
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Sales and User expirence

Sales and User expirence What is user experience design? UX design is the process by which visitor satisfaction is enhanced by improving the usability and accessibility of the interaction between
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Case of study 1 : Less is better

Case of study 1 Ux for Feutri : When Less is better How to improve a contact form when it doesn’t work Feutri is in charge in Costa Rica of
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WordPress and User experience

Before giving you more concrete examples of what to review at the level of user experience in your WordPress web, I want you to understand in the concept of don’t
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