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Sales and User expirence

Sales and User expirence What is user experience design? UX design is the process by which visitor satisfaction is enhanced by improving the usability and accessibility of the interaction between
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Case of study 1 : Less is better

Case of study 1 Ux for Feutri : When Less is better How to improve a contact form when it doesn’t work Feutri is in charge in Costa Rica of
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WordPress and User experience

Before giving you more concrete examples of what to review at the level of user experience in your WordPress web, I want you to understand in the concept of don’t
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10 Tips For Improving Your Product’s User Experience

I remember how easy it was to overlook UX errors in my first start-up. It had a drastic effect on the experience users had with our product.That’s bad, because positive
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Understanding Cancellation Flows

Understanding Cancellation Flows The creation of a cancellation flow can be something simple or very complex, it will depend mainly on the guidelines adopted by your company, the product or
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Understanding UX – what are personas?

Understanding UX – what are personas? In this post, we’ll help you start taking steps to improve UX. The first step to better user experience is a better understanding of
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