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E-commerce redesign

The goal of this project was to improve the user experience and the look and feel according to the last design. This time it was focused to 50 years old people mainly

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Our process

Which the client agreed on since the first logo wasn’t usable on any surface or color maintaining its legibility. So I made a little change keeping the same message to the target and the personality, just simplified.

Polished, research-based, and consistent visual design is the result of our design process.  

Along with design files, we also prepare documentation, which allows team members and stakeholders to understand how the parts are working  together and make sure all the decisions are implemented correctly. 


  • Logo and Visual Identity; 
  • Visual guidelines; 
  • Communication concepts; 
  •  Layout and design principles, UX interactions; 
    • Wireframes 
    • Interactive prototype; 
    • Design solutions documentation.


CSE Insurance Group

CSE insurance Main Image
CSE insurance Main Image

CSE insurance Group

Internal sales tool

CSE insurance contacted us through our commercial ally FusionHit the project was based on an internal tool for new insurance agents within the company who needed to place home and vehicle insurance on the company’s website. They need a new user experience for their agents

The project was divided into several stages

  1. Problem exploration
  2. Wireframes
  3. User testing of those wireframes (paper prototyping)
  4. Design
  5. Delivery

The most important part was the user experience research Being data-driven, we always test and validate our concept to find the
best one. Through rapid prototyping we iteratively improve product
prototypes, delivering integral products at each iteration and without
affecting the overall project timeline.
Investing in a professional UX design stage also brings specific
business benefits, in this case, such as higher user retention, reduced acquisition
costs, improved conversion, and more.

Thanks to this project CSE did not have to fill in this information through phone calls and reduced the time spent by the agents.

CSE home Page

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Federación Unida de Triatlón

Hombre corriendo
Feutri logo


Sweven Agency with the user in mind case of study: Feutri

Feutri is in charge in Costa Rica of everything related to triathlon, for 7 years they have a website where athletes can make their affiliations and payments for federated events.

What did we find ?

  • The size of the images on the website was not adequate.
  • Feutri used an old version of WordPress in addition to completely custom code for the creation of forms this not scalable, besides generating an event took a long time.
    The site was not 100% responsive which increased the bounce rate
  • Php code inside WordPress

What did we do?

In fact thanks to Google Analytics we realized that it had a very high bounce on mobile devices because it was never thought to be adaptable to smaller resolutions, we also included a tracker tool, in this case, we used HotjarF to know where the user stayed in the form thought.

We realized with our studies that some data are not necessarily creating flows of athletes as well as how they expect to be asked for the necessary information.

Our solution is a form that works on any kind of device that asks for information in a clear way although it is not ideal for the needs of Feutri now verifies and we can have better control over the data of the athletes’

What was done ?

Through the analysis of data and what was found was rethought the existing digital estregia and created an oriented to generate greater interaction with users in social networks and conducted a redesign of the website forms with load times less than 5 seconds.

This strategy was executed over a period of 1 months and the results were :

Increase in sales

  • Process Optimization
  • Better responser from the athlets.
  • 100% Responsive Website form
  • Better perception of the target market

With this improvement the purchases to the site improved by 40% in addition the bounce rate was reduced by 20 percent. This helps all athletes have a better platform for the enjoyment of their favorite sport.


Fairuz is a jewelry store located in plaza Atlantis Escazu
It has stainless steel jewelry, Murano and onyx from different parts of the world

The problem

  • The problem is that Fairuz needed a digital platform as well as a strategy for its social networks to increase sales and have digital penetration

Fairuz home

The changes

We apply changes based on the study of data analysis based on what users are looking for

Automation tools were also applied within the site in the sales area to make the store more efficient in its inventory and sales.

In addition, development policies were applied to the account as a production environment where testing was conducted.

Fairuz receives the results of the analysis of our CEDY system. This helped the store management to make market decisions based on what users are looking for and how they can improve as a company.

A WordPress site

A Facebook campaign with influencers

Bounce Rate

 Total New User in the website

Fairuz managers followed all our recommendations and this is what they achieved:

  1. Better SEO positioning in google thanks to our SEO optimization
  2. Increase in site visits by 120% according to google analytics
  3. An improvement in sales that increased by 70%
  4. Reduction in the bounce rate
  5. A digital strategy
  6. A real Digital inventory