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Internal sales tool

CSE insurance contacted us through our commercial ally FusionHit the project was based on an internal tool for new insurance agents within the company who needed to place home and vehicle insurance on the company’s website. They need a new user experience for their agents

The project was divided into several stages

  1. Problem exploration
  2. Wireframes
  3. User testing of those wireframes (paper prototyping)
  4. Design
  5. Delivery

The most important part was the user experience research Being data-driven, we always test and validate our concept to find the
best one. Through rapid prototyping we iteratively improve product
prototypes, delivering integral products at each iteration and without
affecting the overall project timeline.
Investing in a professional UX design stage also brings specific
business benefits, in this case, such as higher user retention, reduced acquisition
costs, improved conversion, and more.

Thanks to this project CSE did not have to fill in this information through phone calls and reduced the time spent by the agents.

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