FutbolID is an online store that sells customized sporting goods from the National Soccer Team and local teams of Costa Rica.
FutbolID came to us because despite having many followers in their social networks their conversion rate into sales from their website was not as expected.

Immediately our team of experts in the agency began to analyze why this happened and through our CEDY system, we got down to work.

What did we find ?

  • Low interaction with followers in social networks, did not attend to the queries made by followers.
  • The purchase process on the website was not optimized for users so there was a very high rebound percentage.
  • The size of the images on the website was not adequate.
  • Unattractive sales and promotion strategy
  • Low perception of target users
  • The site was not 100% responsive which increased the bounce rate

What did we do?

First we talked to our client in our office about their expectations, the current scenario and what they wanted their website to do.
With this as a starting point we began to analyze the data obtained through our CEDY syste

Bounce Rate

What was done ?

Through the analysis of data and what was found was rethought the existing digital estregia and created an oriented to generate greater interaction with users in social networks and conducted a redesign of the website with load times less than 5 seconds.

This strategy was executed over a period of 4 months and the results were :

Increase in sales

  • Process Optimization
  • Greater interaction in social networks, which allowed to create community and increase the number of followers.
  • 100% Responsive Website
  • Better perception of the target market

Through our CEDY system we integrate our best research and design techniques and are very pleased to create exceptional experiences for your customers.