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E-commerce redesign

The goal of this project was to improve the user experience and the look and feel according to the last design. This time it was focused to 50 years old people mainly

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Our process

Which the client agreed on since the first logo wasn’t usable on any surface or color maintaining its legibility. So I made a little change keeping the same message to the target and the personality, just simplified.

Polished, research-based, and consistent visual design is the result of our design process.  

Along with design files, we also prepare documentation, which allows team members and stakeholders to understand how the parts are working  together and make sure all the decisions are implemented correctly. 


  • Logo and Visual Identity; 
  • Visual guidelines; 
  • Communication concepts; 
  •  Layout and design principles, UX interactions; 
    • Wireframes 
    • Interactive prototype; 
    • Design solutions documentation.