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As a UX agency we work on projects, or we work for a product or software development company, all have advantages and disadvantages, If you’re curious about what makes us tick in this job and whether it’s right for you, keep reading.

Working for a software development company allows you to work on a variety of projects that vary depending on the client’s location, budget, and business model. They use various technologies, are at various stages of maturity, and come from any industry you can think of. They each face distinct challenges. When working for a company, it is critical to stick to the budget and not miss deadlines. Working for a start-up can provide you with more flexibility in business decisions as well as a lot of excitement about the product and process itself. Meeting people from all over the world is unquestionably beneficial.

Flexibility in projects 

Do all of the new upcoming projects look interesting? You don’t always have to choose between them; you can work on several at once. How? Allow me to explain. Ux designers can choose how much they want to be involved in a particular project. Depending on the team structure and timeline, it could be hours or days per week. Speaking from personal experience, I was part of a team working on the Monterail homepage while working on the web application for booking cycling tours.

Working with a software development firm is typically very well organized. With so many people on board and so many projects running, establishing some ground rules becomes necessary sooner or later. Furthermore, the entire software development process was shaped by the knowledge and know-how of experts accumulated over time. Workflows, guidelines, and well-established processes are in place. The main goal of product companies is to introduce the product quickly, which leads to the omission of many important details that contribute to the final result and high quality.

Which system is right for you?

We worked at Sweven on both business models, and there are benefits and drawbacks that will depend on your budget and the personnel you have available to carry it out. The majority of the projects we’ve worked on with FusionHIT business clients have been mutually beneficial, and our clients are pleased with the results.

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