April 2, 2019

Understanding UX – what are personas?


Understanding UX – what are personas?

In this post, we’ll help you start taking steps to improve UX.

The first step to better user experience is a better understanding of who your users are – and what they want and need.

Referring to these documents and sharing them with all teams should lead to a user experience (or UX) that better aligns with their real needs. In reality, personas rarely cause these results. In many teams, personas’ documents remain abandoned, left aside while web designers and ergonomists continue to create products based solely on their intuitions.In contrast, data-based personas can be real protectors of the user. They help us control the work of UX Design, web design, and ensure that we are building what our users need.

Why make personas? The 7 good reasons

The personas allow you to:

  1. To really address the need of users and not just to remain in the discourse
  2. Identify the real and precise needs of users. This will allow you to create a simple and adapted product and not a catch-all of features
  3. Understand, humanize your target audience and create empathy towards users
  4.  Have a simple, clear and explicit communication tool
  5. Have a common referent
  6.  Streamline decisions
  7. Prioritize development efforts

In two sentences (or almost!)Peopleas are also a great communication tool both to raise awareness and to convince and bring a different vision of the user experience.

On the other hand, just because your personas are well done does not mean that your site, your service will be properly designed. There are other methods to use and other rules to follow to achieve this!