Ux is a peace of cake

Ux is a peace of cake?

Nowadays everyone seems to see the importance of UX design and perhaps no one would deny that putting users in the center is the right thing. With such assumptions, UX designers should succeed selling their work, but often the reality is different. Time and money is something that companies count carefully and the truth is that investing in UX needs such resources. This makes selling our work a bit harder, but not impossible. In this article I’ll present some simple rules that may help convince potential clients that user experience is worth investing in.




UX Design is defined as the set of means implemented to design an interface that fully meets the requirements of a “good UX”. The objective is to provide the best possible user experience. As an example, UX Design applied to a website, consists of :


Making it accessible and easy to use thanks to its ergonomics, its appearance, its coherent design and its intuitive functionalities.

To make it credible, through a use that reassures

Make it compatible, i.e. usable by users whatever the digital medium (Smartphone, tablet, large screens…).


If UX design has long been integrated into the design of websites in a sometimes somewhat empirical way, we now find specific job offers in this field, which shows the growing importance of this “science”.


It should also be noted that search engines such as Google have always recommended designing sites that promote a good user experience. Some SEO criteria are also derived from this recommendation (for example not putting popup on sites).