March 15, 2019

Sketch versus Adobe XD

Adobe XD vrs Sketch

Sketch versus adobe XD


The digital product design community is currently split between Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator when it comes to “design tool of choice,” with Sketch gaining serious ground the past few years. Design blogs are stuffed with Sketch vs. Adobe XD debates, with Sketch coming out tops in most instances. As a result, Bohemian Coding (the makers of Sketch) has eaten into Adobe’s dominance in the design tool market.

These leaps forward in prototyping will definitely push Sketch and other tools to follow suit with similar features. Adobe is also working on both iOS and Android apps for previewing purposes. Pretty nifty


Pros and cons of Sketch


  • Use of extensions – Directly generate code from the sketch and paste it on for HTML/Swift/Objective-c/Kotlin/Java.
  • Exports – Directly export the design to other software like Zeplin.
  • Ease of use – The easiness that the tool carries is quite good as compared to other software in the same category, even a novice can start using it in very less time.
  • Community Support – The best part is that the software is used by a very large audience, and the community support is quite large and good.


  • Quick saves – sometimes quick saves don’t work, and the progress for last few minutes is lost.
  • Layers choices – Choosing layers among nested layers becomes complicated if you have not kept this in mind from the start.
  • Pre-designed styles – Some pre-designed styles can be given to be built upon to reduce design time even more.


Pros and cons of Adobe XD


  • User-friendly, dissimilar to many Adobe products that have a steep learning curve.
  • Simplifies Application development with interactive prototypes.
  • Gives you the ability to create really attractive prototypes and integrates with Photoshop / Illustrator seamlessly.


  • It would be great if the software helped to generate usable code. It does not.
  • Only allows for simple transitions and not many effects.
  • Image editing within the application is limited. Should at least be able to crop images.



Traditionally, the software development cycle goes through the “alpha” then “beta” status with, according to the editors, a “Preview” passage available to users in order to give a preview of the product. While most distribution to as many people as possible is at an advanced stage of development, it seems that Adobe has made the choice to distribute “urgently” to all its Creative Cloud subscribers, software that we hope is still under construction….

Sketch is clearly Adobe’s target with its XD (for “Experience Design”): a “Preview” launched on Mac only (the playground of Bohemian Coding’s software) and an interface so well copied inspired, that it is far from the Creative Cloud suite’s cannons!

It also has a pretty loyal following already, but XD’s innovative features will force Bohemian Coding to keep pace. Although that means a mass exodus is unlikely, we’re going to start seeing XD pop up as a strong contender in those Sketch vs. Photoshop debates.