August 22, 2019

Case of study 1 : Less is better


Case of study 1 Ux for Feutri : When Less is better

How to improve a contact form when it doesn’t work

Feutri is in charge in Costa Rica of everything related to triathlon, for 7 years they have a website where athletes can make their affiliations and payments for federated events.

Feutri used an old version of WordPress in addition to completely custom code for the creation of forms this not scalable, besides generating an event took a long time.

At the level of UX design, this form was badly done does not verify if the data entered is correct or if the date was in the future.

besides that, the persons in charge had to ask the persons in charge of excel files with the data of the participants of different dates of the national championship for example




Just Because It Works … Doesn’t Mean It Works

In fact thanks to Google Analytics we realized that it had a very high bounce on mobile devices because it was never thought to be adaptable to smaller resolutions, we also included a tracker tool, in this case, we used HotjarF to know where the user stayed in the form thought.

We realized with our studies that some data are not necessarily creating flows of athletes as well as how they expect to be asked for the necessary information.

Our solution is a form that works on any kind of device that asks for information in a clear way although it is not ideal for the needs of Feutri now verifies and we can have better control over the data of the athletes’


With this improvement the purchases to the site improved by 40% in addition the bounce rate was reduced by 20 percent. This helps all athletes have a better platform for the enjoyment of their favorite sport.